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Jika Ma Jika: The Orgination

The Jika Ma Jika, meaning “move or dance” was founded in South Africa. A fierce dance battle between young people for a price and the right to be called the best dancers in the neighbourhood. This competition quickly became popular all over South Africa, and then it when outside the borders to certain countries in the SADC. Jikanam Information Technology Services CC, was created to gather for the competition in all SADC countries, and will be the primary creator and management of the competition.

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The Foundation of jikanam

Founded by Marius Awaseb and Rustin Saal in 2010, Jikanam started off as a a promotion and ticket sales agency for the Jika ma Jika Dance Competition. After Marius & Rustin set up a team with their old friends (below), they quickly move the company to become the sole promoters of the competition, eventually taking over the organizing and marketing of the competition in the Namibian industry. By 2012, they decided to penetrate the South African market, until they controlled the entire operation of the Jika Ma Jika competition, taking over its office in 2013. The following year, they hosted their first Namibia vs South Africa competition, which become an instant success. This year we are getting ready to host our first SADC competition, where all 15 countries will participate in the competition simultaneously.

jikanam cc team

marius awaseb

Founder & CEO

For over 8 years, Marius has run Jikanam as an exceptionally successful event management company working primarily with premium brands and companies looking to create unique and memorable events.

Specializing in fundraising event planning, and supported by a network of professional resources extending from Mariental to Windhoek, Jikanam are experts in creating sparkling initiatives that benefit community charities and non-profit organizations.

Marius believes in working only with the very best. From photographers and set designers, to budgeting and booking artists, Marius and his team are collaborative, creative and – always and without exception – cool under pressure.

He is passionate about family and his career. In his free time, he can be found pursuing his love of food, movies, music and travel.


Rustin Saal

Co-Founder & President

Rustin has been working for the Non-profit industry for more than 10 years. He work as a Coordinator for 4H Namibia and was deployed to countries all over SADC. He moved to the private sector help Marius set-up Jikanam CC, integral to the success of Jikanam for eight and a half years, Rustin excels in brainstorming ways to incorporate an individual brand into surprising, yet relevant event effects. Rustin recognizes that there is no secret formula to producing a perfect event.

Each one is custom-designed for a particular institution, organization or cause. And while his management skills represent a key part of his job, his greatest talent is to understand the vision of each client then tailor-make an extraordinary event environment to reflect it.

By combining passion with efficiency, personality with originality, Rustin helps create events that deliver impact, memorability and long-term brand value.

Melkisedek Hamakali


Melkisedek Hamakali is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Python, JavaScript and Linux. He has worked for Software Developer at Green Enterprise Solutions (Pty) Ltd and was Chief Technical Officer at madfind. He help set up all systems for Jikanam, and will be Chief Technology Officer at Jikanam CC.

Brian Goaseb


Brian is one of the partners of Jikanam Information Technology Services CC (Jikanam CC). As one of the most experienced on international and business development. His core skills are process optimization, graphics designer and marketing. His business administration background means he always keeps an eye on ROI and CPA, all while being able to come up with creative solutions.

Willam Nanyani


Willam loves Working collaboratively with clients, suppliers and colleagues to deliver memorable, flawless and innovative events that exceed the expectations of clients. Graduated from Unam with a degree of Business Adminstration and Project Management, his specialty is in Creative event solutions with an innovative and contemporary approach. Seamless execution and meticulous planning.


Hage Johannes


Hage brings a broad scope of creative solutions and marketing expertise to any project he takes on. As a creative specialist, his experience in an agency setting ranges from corporate identity to the conceptualization and implementation of national advertising campaigns.

With over a decade of experience in the field of visual communications, he can take your ideas, sketches and thoughts and bring them to life across many applications. As a graduate from the College of Art, his design training coupled with his experience as a project manager and freelance photographer give him very well rounded approach to every project.


Obed Shoombe


Since graduating from UNAM with a Bachelor in Economics Obed has worked at finding career paths that allow for the marriage of art and an understanding of people, our society, and culture. He believes curated and strategic social marketing plans are integral to the prosperity of any brand in this day and age. With a background in the fashion industry Obed has excelled in photography, videography, and digital/graphic design for most of his life.  He has a wealth of knowledge which helps him navigate the social sphere in this rapidly changing world of ours.